Haskap berries

Contain plenty of vitamins and mineral substances,
which are very beneficial for the human organism, so this plant
can be used for diet, prophylactic or even healing purposes.

Haskap berry – invaluable treasure; due to its unique health benefits
haskap berries became „super-fruits”.
Some scientists call it „fruit of eternal youth” due to its anti-ageing

It can be used for the production of jams, juices, wine,
traditional Polish liqueurs, bilberry buns, cakes and ice cream.


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We are the third generation of fruit growers. We specialize in production of delicious apples and strawberries in the very heart of fruit plants located in the Grójec region.

Haskap berry is a novelty on our plantation. It’s becoming more and more popular among our consumers due to its health-benefiting nutrients and unique sweet and tart flavor.

We can boldly call ourselves passionates and ambassadors of haskap berries!
We want them to become same popular in Poland as our famous strawberries. Hopefully, this will happen soon, because its flavour and nutrients put them among super healthy fruits.

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