Haskap berry in child nutrition – part 3

Haskap berries and child nutrition – part 3

In previous entries on our site we wrote how many vitamins C, A and calcium and potassium contain haskap berries. The members of the ancient tribe of Ainu, who lives on the Japanese island of Hokkaido, have already recognized the beneficial effects on the human body of these fruits. It was they who described the berries as the “elixir of life”. Among the valuable elements that contain berries are also phosphorus and iron.

Haskap berries contain three times more phosphorus (25mg per 100g of fruit) than an apple or a blueberry popular in Poland. Phosphorus is very important for the proper development of the young body. It is the building block of cell membranes, maintains the proper structure of bones and teeth, and regulates the work of the heart. Phosphorus works most effectively in combination with calcium and vitamin D. Phosphorus deficiency is manifested, among others, by weakness, disturbance in bone structure or irregular breathing. The recommended daily intake for infants above 5 months of age is 300mg, therefore it is worth including the haskap berries into the diet of the youngest members of the family.

Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency that occurs in infants and young children. Parents often do not even realize that the small organism lacks this element. Symptoms of iron deficiency include reduced body mass and slower growth, as well as decreased appetite. This element has a very significant effect on the young body, because it affects the nervous system. Already a small deficiency of iron can slow down intellectual development. It is very important then to ensure that the iron-rich products are included in the child’s diet. Haskap berries in 100g contain 0.6mg of this element and it is a larger dose than eg in apples or tomatoes.

Berries are great for preparing desserts for children. You can also add it to natural yogurt and blend it. They also taste very well as an ingredient in cakes, muffins and biscuits. We invite you to read our recipes!